Early in 1975, Colonel. E. Antonio Fernandez arrived in the USA with his wife, Starlean, and two sons, Devan and Jay. They settled in Gastonia, the birthplace and home of Starlean.

As a police officer of thirty years with a criminal justice background here in the USA, Colonel Fernandez became closely associated with local police and cultivated a close friendship with Chief Carl Abernathy, whose reserve officer, Jim Brown, persuaded Colonel Fernandez to join him as an administrative officer for his company, called Action Security Services.

Jim Brown sold the company to Colonel Fernandez in 1977. Since then, Action Security has provided excellent professional security officers, not only for Gaston County, but also for surrounding counties.

For the first time in the history of security in North Carolina, four officers were honored in June 2004 by the Police Hall of Fame. The awards included: Major David Fernandez – Knight Chevalier, Captain Reginald Artis, Captain Chris Bryant, Captain Ivan McFall – Patriotic Awards, and Sergeant Charles Holland – Award for Bravery.

In 2007, the company was handed over to Devan, where Action is now known as Action Professional Security, Inc. and Devan serves as President/CEO.


Action Professional Security is a full service licensed and insured security guard and patrol agency. We use highly trained and skilled staff members that have built a reputation of reliability and integrity throughout North Carolina. While many Security Guard and Patrol Companies use just about any warm body they can find to provide their services, APS only uses highly trained and skilled officers that are recruited and screened very carefully to be a part of our team. Our guard services are available 24 hours a day for all types of business and personal applications. We provide our services for companies ranging from property management firms to construction sites.APS is capable of providing for any assignment at a moments notice. APS personnel are customer oriented professionals, fully uniformed and equipped with the necessary tools to meet any situation. Our guard force is heavily with each officer having a chain of command that reaches all the way to the president of our company. Each of our clients can expect their officer to receive regular checks by our Field Operations personnel, Field Supervisors, and members of the Administration. This helps to ensure our clients receive the service promised and more.

Insured and Licensed Fully Bonded

When you lock up each evening your business premises is a potential target for a would be intruder. In instances where a customer does not feel the need to employ a static security officer but wishes to maintain the security of their premises, they may request our mobile patrol service. APS can provide a quality service which is tailor made to meet the needs of each of our valued dients. This service can be provided at a very competitive price. Our patrol supervisors are issued with the keys of our dients premises and we carry out an agreed number of inspections on the premises at random intervals throughout the night and during the out of business hours on weekends. Our patrol supervisors can perform external inspections or alternatively internal inspections of your premises as desired. These visits are carried out by our team of fully trained patrol supervisors who are supplied with a clearly recognisable APS Patrol vehicle which is equipped with full radio communication. All items are logged during our mobile patrols and reports are then made available to our customers. For Health and Safety reasons all patrols supervisors are in constant contact with our 24 Hour Dispatch to establish their whereabouts at all times. All our vehicles are also fitted with elaborate tracking devices.

Our security supervisors randomly patrol your business after hours several times per shift. They will PrOvide a complete inspection of your facility including: checking doors and gates, responding to alarms and patrolling your grounds. Patrol service is an economical alternative to on-site security guards.

MISSION: We aim to provide 1st class service, tailored to suit our client's needs. Our mission is to be a market leader, to define parameters and to shape the future of sec:uIity, inIine with our vision. To retain and advance our competitive edge in order to protect and enhance our client's experience.

To improve the quarlty of security Guard &. Patrol Services in our industry, by providing unparalleled security guard services and raising the bar for professionalism. To utilize all our experience, training and resources to effectively deter and reduce crime through our professionaI5ecurity Guard & Patrol services.

Offering 24/7 mobile patrol, APS provides security presence to deter crime, handle safety issues and provide a safe, secure environment.

Our patrol services include:

• Dedicated security patrol-Detailed parking enforcement, routine lock-up or checks of common areas and unlimited patrol response.

• Dedicated vehicle security patrol-Provides you with your own patrol unit to patrol property during within dedicated timeframe. This valuable service ensures an immediate response to any concerns. Dedicated vehicle service patrol units can also rotate between driving and walking, depending upon the property security requirements-a terrific combination of on-site security guard and dedicated patrol service.

• Random daytime security patrol-A patrol supervisor performs routine patrols on the property to ensure common area duties and checks for property violations, parking and emergency lane violations and vacant building activity have been performed. In addition to random daytime patrol, a basic response service can be added. Normal patrols are 5-7 minutes and include mostly drive-through surveillance.

• Random nighttime security patrol-Similar to our daytime service, with additional vehicles patrolling to decrease response times. This patrol service lasts 5-7 minutes and includes mostly drive-through surveillance. Patrols can include lock-up and unlock services. Additional response calls are also available. Random nighttime security patrol service enables us to check your property periodically throughout the night for added safety. Service is typically provided between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am.

All patrol routes utilize a route box, which stores instructions, after-hours contact information, parking rules and regulations, site maps, keys and other required equipment. In addition, we provide meticulous daily and nightly patrol reports as well as a state-of-the-art tracking system to ensure patrol has been completed thoroughly and properly.

If a situation requires the assistance of more than one unit, the on duty supervisor will dispatch additional units or supervisors to help, providing added coverage and increased safety.

On-site security guards are your first line of defense against criminal and disruptive activity as well as safety-related issues on your property. Security guards significantly reduce crime through visible and regular monitoring of grounds and facilities.

Highly-trained Security Officers

APS Security provides highly trained, uniformed security guards for residential and commercial patrolling, gated community protective services and community access control. Guards can deter theft, vandalism and unsafe activity on or near your property.

Our security officers will help maintain order, protect property, enforce regulations, ensure safety and issue warnings for violations of rules and regulations. We can also help reduce liability by reporting fire, obstructed accessways, low/no lighting areas and other safety-related issues.