Standard Guard Duties


• Patrol buildings

• Perform routine maintenance inspections checking doors, windows, gates, fences, locks, lights, access ways, and heating and fire equipment

• Control access to property and buildings; check common areas such as pool area, gym, clubhouse and laundry rooms; and ensure common areas are being utilized by residents and their guests only during appropriate hours

• Lock and unlock common areas and other secured facilities

• Enforce parking rules

• Respond to resident concerns

• Ensure delivery notices are received by proper recipient


• Deter shoplifting

• Monitor employee misconduct and safety rule violations

• Deter property damage or even sabotage


• Check passengers and hand luggage for hidden weapons, explosives and other dangerous items.


• Patrol grounds to discourage vandalism, violence and child abduction.

We also offer additional security services depending on the level of monitoring and response you require.

It is proven that the crime rate has risen at an alarming rate. There are thousands of crimes and break-ins reported every year. In fact, every four to eight minutes a burglary, armed robbery, assault, murder, or other related crime will be reported and a person, home or business will become another statistic.